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While Disney’s Frozen instantly captured hearts back in 2013, the beloved film’s spin-off Olaf’s Frozen Adventure has had a bit of a tougher time. The animated “short,” which actually clocks in at nearly 22 minutes and was originally intended as an ABC special, has been playing before showings of the studio’s latest outing, Coco Full Movie. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is unbearably long for both parents and kids who went to the theater expecting to see a few quick trailers before watching Miguel journey to the magical Land of the Dead. Unsurprisingly the short — which one Twitter user called “worst thing Disney has put its stamp of approval on in ages” — has been on the receiving end of a fair bit of backlash.

For anyone who has yet to see Coco 2017 Full Movie, or just wants to take in the incredible story a few more times, we have good news: Disney is going to halt all showings of the much-maligned Olaf’s Frozen Adventure beginning on Friday, Dec. 8. According to Mashable, “the request from Disney also asks that theaters use the newly freed-up time to hold extra screenings of Coco each day.” Given how the actual movie doesn’t even start until almost 40 minutes after the advertised time due to the length of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, hopefully the rumors are true. Fortunately, Frozen 2 isn’t set to premiere until the end of 2019, which means Disney has plenty of time to brainstorm new ideas for their next short.

In the two weeks around Thanksgiving, in movie theaters and multiplexes across the continent, the same strange event occurred: Moviegoers and families bought tickets to see a movie together. They settled into their seats, popcorn and soda in hand. And after the trailers finished, the movie began.

A few minutes in, they started to wonder if they’re in the right place. Ten minutes in, they really started to wonder. A few people left the theater to check that the film they’ve sat down to see is, indeed, Pixar’s Coco. Yes, it was. Then why, 20 minutes after the trailers ended, were they still watching a musical short about the characters from Frozen?

It’s a question that many moviegoers faced in the days following Coco  movie theatrical release— and one worth looking into. Why, exactly, was Coco preceded not by the traditional Pixar short film but by a 21-minute-long featurette called Olaf’s Frozen Adventure?

And was the backlash so severe that Disney pulled the short entirely from theaters in the United States by December 8 — or was that, as Disney claims, always part of the plan?

People who went to see Coco got a 21-minute Frozenfeaturette first

Over Thanksgiving weekend and into the next week, people got mad, on the internet and elsewhere, about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, a 21-minute “short” featuring Anna, Elsa, and most of all Olaf, the snowman voiced by Josh Gad, as they search for a holiday tradition to make their own; due to the events of Frozen, the sisters don’t have traditions, so Olaf goes off to find some for them.