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Den of Thieves has one huge problem. nicely, it has more than one, but all of them spring from the big one, that is heat. That’s right, the Pacino/De Niro classic is Den’s massive hassle. Any cop drama/heist goes to draw comparisons and likely suffer from them and, alas, Den’s plot bears more than a passing resemblance to the sooner movie. Like Pacino and De Niro, Den’s leads Gerard Butler and Pablo Schreiber play cop and robber who’re more alike than not, however possess a grudging respect for one another. Like Pacino’s cop, Butler is having home troubles and, like De Niro’s thief, Schrieber’s character is after one remaining big heist.

as a result of the inevitable comparisons, it’s hard now not to feel a sort of sympathy for the forged. They do what they are able to with the cloth, simply, however the cloth is a part of the trouble. The script is a refugee from a long time beyond, but author and first-time director Christian Gudegast appears married to this pretty dated Miami Vice-y story-telling style. If a number of the extra old tropes have been jettisoned it’d have resulted in a greater exciting journey because, face it, every person likes an amazing heist film.

nevertheless, it isn’t all terrible information. the various performances are without a doubt good and, in a single case, superb. O’Shae Jackson, Jr. steals the highlight from Butler and Schreiber now not best because of the underdog nature of his character, however in how he convingly affords an air of authenticity. He doesn’t look like performing, unlike Butler, who chews the surroundings love it’s his preferred taste of pork jerky.

the other all-too-brief second of performing sunlight is Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who switches handily from menacing criminal to nearly-cuddly dad. again, he comes off as natural onscreen and his comic timing is impeccable. notwithstanding its clichéd nature, the “daughter’s prom date” scene is hilarious, but he also pulls off greater dramatic moments as properly. It’s too awful that the movie makes a decision to consciousness more its darker and heavier topics, refusing to provide us extra humor (and more Jackson).

the other performances are great, but Butler’s became sincerely too heavy-exceeded, and Schreiber’s almost too nuanced, resulting in a peculiar imbalance while the 2 are at the display screen collectively. Like a duet among an opera singer and a popstar, there’s simply very little center ground. there may be one second inside the film when the two are looking at each other in silence for what looks like all the time; i was sure that there has been something being communicated, but there had been such a lot of opportunities it’s difficult to tell what it changed into.

There are different matters approximately the film which might be really no longer terrible at all. The heist a part of the tale is surely very exciting. not particularly authentic, but amusing to watch, and it might have made a better movie all via itself. additionally, cinematographer Terry Stacey (P. S. i like You, 50/50) is super, and you can almost wander away in the wonderful pictures he creates. That, blended with a tension-inducing score composed by way of Cliff Martinez (drive, site visitors) gives the impression that the movie is higher than it is.

There are possibly masses of folks that will see the movie and enjoy it, as it has all the elements of a terrific crime drama. It’s doubtful that anybody might be watching this film looking forward to it to reappear at some point of awards season. they’ll be searching out escapism within the shape of shootouts, vehicle chases, and as a minimum one strip club scene, and they gained’t be disillusioned. i get that. I’m that way about romantic comedies and most sci-fi movies. every so often a film doesn’t should be terribly exact, because it’s simply the movie equal of comfort meals which, face it, isn’t typically appropriate for you, however you don’t care. You’ve were given your pint of Swiss Vanilla Almond and you’re going to revel in it.

backside line: For what Den of Thieves is, it isn’t awful, however it simply isn’t that appropriate. in case you’re searching out a diversion, you like more gun-play than phrase-play, and also you recognize distinctive dancers extra than individual locales in your films, then heat, er, Den of Thieves can be simply what you’re searching out. just don’t go into it expecting originality.Ambition isn’t a bad nice to see in a January movie. The best factor to call “Den of Thieves” could be a heist mystery, however it’s a fairly intricate one, an underworld movement drama that sprawls and digresses and for a while, as a minimum, appears to have something on its thoughts.

The film is about in l. a., which it provides as the financial institution-robbery capital of the Western international, and the director, Christian Gudegast, shoots the town’s countless expressway maze with a synth-pop moodiness that’s flagrantly evocative of Michael Mann.because it turns out, the existential force-by using surroundings of “Den of Thieves” isn’t even the most Mann-ish thing approximately it. The film coasts alongside on parallel narrative tracks, zeroing in on a team of renegade cops, led by using Gerard Butler as a touchy bruiser, in addition to a crew of robbers who are planning to interrupt into the L.A. department of the Federal Reserve financial institution: an impossibly locked-down fortress of money.

The complicated double storyline is an obvious knockoff of the one in “warmness” (with echo of “The French Connection”), and for kind of forty five mins of the movie’s 2-hour-and-20-minute jogging time, “Den of Thieves” is robust sufficient to earn the contrast.Gudegast, the screenwriter of “London Has Fallen” (that is his first outing as a director), offers suitablecrime-noir surface. but there’s another movie whose affect hovers over this one: Bryan Singer’s “the usual Suspects.” And seeking to replicate that film’s fanciful sweep lands Gudegast in trouble. in reality put: You shouldn’t make a film about an outrageously nicely-crafted heist in which your personal storytelling keeps cutting corners.