Justice League


For Warner Bros., Justice League was a massive trainwreck. It was originally the project of director Zack Snyder and intended to be the culmination of a handful of movies created in the DC Comics universe. Instead, Justice League felt less like a superhero ensemble and more like an early 2000s video game with bad storytelling.

Not only was the movie panned by critics and fans alike, and for more than Henry Cavill’s weird CGI’d face, but there have been rumors that Snyder’s original plans for the movie were completely different. But instead of that extra-long, dark, and possibly better explained version of Justice League, we’re stuck with the watered down version that is rumored to have lost up to $100 million. Or are we? The idea of  Snyder’s director cut of Justice

For anyone that has had an issue with the DC Extended Universeversion of Superman – and even those that love him – this is a video that should be able to bring both sides together in the best way!

Ben Bromley has put out his own “How Superman Should Have Returned”, which takes the vitrol against many of the decisions in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and Batman v Superman; throws in some classic Richard Donner-era Superman wholesomeness with a John Willaims theme; and somehow ends up catering to the wishes of every kind of fan.

The video does the kind of seamless turn from the somber Snyder era at the beginning, into the Donner-era fantasy that it’s hard not love. The fact that it’s packed with s many Easter eggs from both versions of the Superman movie franchise makes it feel like the insider insights of a real fan – and not just more triggered negativity.

They even find away to (literally) shove away the Jesse Eisenberg version of Lex Luthor, and still make it cute and enjoyable. And for those fans who wanted that Black Suit Superman – there’s something for you too!

Could this be a great metaphor for what coudl come from the current creative and executive shakeups at DC Films and Warner Bros.? Time will tell.

Anyone that has seen Justice League already knows this, but the movie was a hodgepodge of weirdness. The problems start well in advance of Justice League, given that the movie introduces four new main characters. Diehards certainly know who The Flash and Aquaman are, but movies still have to explain characters and their motivations for the average moviegoer.

Unfortunately, Justice League failed in several instances — most noticeably with the villain, Steppenwolf. His reasoning for destroying Earth is given through Diana in a brief monologue with a flashback, but never from the bad guy himself. Apparently, there were several scenes relating to this that were cut. All of that isn’t even to touch on the several other problems, including how Superman’s early return destroys and sense of danger for the heroes.