Justice League Full Movie


The footage was posted by a South Korean retailer – the movie will be released in that territory on digital download on 19 December – it won’t land here online until next year.

The video shows the first three minutes which roughly breaks down to around a minute of idents, a minute of Supes talking direct to camera, found footage style, and then the first scene of Batman scrapping with burglar Holt McCallany (from Mindhunter).

Cavill grew an impressive moustache for his role in Mission: Impossible 6 but because of Zack Snyder’s departure from Justice League and Joss Whedon picking up the reins, he needed to return for reshoots.

Paramount, however, wouldn’t let him shave it off leaving the studio with no option other than to CGI it out. Unfortunately making it look like he’s sucking a gobstopper on one side of his face.

FX studio LDN even offered to CGI a moustache back on for M:I6 but no dice. Talking on an AMA Reddit they were clearly happy with the results.

While the “Justice League” movie isn’t expected to be released on Blu-ray or digitally until February 2018, fans in Korea only have to wait a few more days, with the film set to be available for digital download on December 19.

Naver in Korea currently has the movie available for pre-order for its digital release on December 19, and as part of the promotion they have the first three minutes of the film available as a preview.

As those of you who have seen the film know, the first three minutes of the film start with Henry Cavill as Superman talking to a young boy who is filming the impromptu interview on his smart phone.

Presented below is the 3-minute video in 720p HD quality. To watch it in full 1080p quality and to order the Korean release of “Justice League” for digital download, head to

“To some people it’s a cool little project to get stuck in to and another problem to solve, which is what a lot of VFX is about. Challenging. To me, as a fan, I was annoyed,” LDN Films said.

“Paramount should’ve shaved him and stuck a fake one on for MI6. [It was] ridiculously petty of them.

“We did tests on already shot footage of Superman to add a beard as well to show the ‘MI6’ team at Paramount it was loads easier, and Warner Bros. offered to pay for all the beard adding shots in MI6.

“They said no.”