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Months after Batman rallied the Justice League to arms to reanimate Superman and save the world, Justice League fans are rallying to reanimate director Zack Snyder’s original vision. On Saturday, a small group of dedicated DC fans, some decked out in Justice League cosplay, gathered in front of Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California, to demand a Justice League director’s cut from Snyder.

 Justice League sound editor Scott Hecker and cinematographer Fabian Wagner even told Inverse in December that there’s plenty of material for a director’s cut. So, the footage is there; the question is whether or not a director’s cut would do anything to help the film, which was railed by critics and opened November 17, 2017, to a disheartening $94 million.

Synder, who’s been the DC Extended Universe’s gritty guiding light (for the most part), stepped away from Justice League during post-production after a family tragedy. Joss Whedon — known for shepherding Marvel’s The Avengers in 2012 — took over as director and actually ended up reshooting what’s rumored to be quite a bit of the movie. There were even rumors in August 2017 that Whedon saved the previously “unwatchable” film.

For anyone that has had an issue with the DC Extended Universe version of Superman – and even those that love him – this is a video that should be able to bring both sides together in the best way!

Ben Bromley has put out his own “How Superman Should Have Returned”, which takes the vitrol against many of the decisions in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel and Batman v Superman; throws in some classic Richard Donner-era Superman wholesomeness with a John Willaims theme; and somehow ends up catering to the wishes of every kind of fan.

The video does the kind of seamless turn from the somber Snyder era at the beginning, into the Donner-era fantasy that it’s hard not love. The fact that it’s packed with s many Easter eggs from both versions of the Superman movie franchise makes it feel like the insider insights of a real fan – and not just more triggered negativity.

They even find away to (literally) shove away the Jesse Eisenberg version of Lex Luthor, and still make it cute and enjoyable. And for those fans who wanted that Black Suit Superman – there’s something for you too!

The problem is that most critics (and a lot of DC fans to boot) agree that the final cut of the film that came out in theaters was… not great. So, if the version from before Whedon stepped in was “unwatchable,” just how bad was it?

 None of this is stopping hardcore Snyder fans from demanding a director’s cut, though. As the godfather of the DCEU, Snyder ushered Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice into being and, for better or worse, kicked off DC’s answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And while Justice League certainly wasn’t the critically adored blockbuster DC was clearly hoping for, it seems there are still fans willing to fight for it.